A momentry lapse of reason

So, you're intrested about me....

Jocker, a few thousand years ago ;)

There is really not much to know though..

I used to be a SysOp of  Jocker's & Aces BBS... But then again, that's ancient history :'-(

Let's see what else there actually is to know:

I've been into computers ever since my dad brought home a Spectrum ZX 48K, back in '82
A few years later, it was a Commodore 64, and then a PC/XT (Hyundai Super 16V)
From then on, it was upgrading bits & pieces, till I got to my
Athlon XP 1.8GHz with 384MB RAM & 120GB HD space, which happens to be my current
computer (assuming these pages have been recently updated).

As far as computers are concerned, I'm into telecommunications, WiFi, System Administration, LANs, LAN Partys, Leeching...
I love OS/2, Gardenings/React/Leech Events, DiV/X, MP3s & High Speed Internet Connections ;)

I haven't been much into programming. Only some Basic, Pascal, ADA95, Java and HTML/PHP pages
but that will hopefully change in the near future...

Other than computers, my interests include Scouts, Movies, Music, Dogs, Camping, Girls.
If only they could be combined with computers <g>...

Assuming you are not bored to death after reading all of the above, visit some intresting (or not) webpages.

My 100% pesonal links page (usually incomprehensible to mortals...)
Greek Life @ Aston University
Network Foundation Course '96/'97 contacts list
Hellenic Friend Link List
The Digital Nexus

Internet Exploder SuX

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... for those who knew me,
who knew me well.
For those who didn't
just go to hell!

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