A momentry lapse of reason

This was my first dog, Rocky
We named after an alien in my German Textbook "The Deutch Conkret"
(or something like that, I was never good at German ;)

My dad (who basicaly can't stand small dogs) brought him home from work as a christmas present, somewhere around 1982. His mother was a Cocker Spaniel, but I guess he looks more like his father (who just happened to pass by...)
After he chewed just about everything we had (including my faboulus collection of "The Smurfs" Comic books), and grew up to be double his mother's size, we had to give him away to some poor villager at Volos. Last we heared, after Rocky ate a few of his chickens and scared away a donkey, he was forced to give him away to a sheppard, where Rocky found his true call of nature..

After that, around 1988, and with quite a few objections on my father's side (he even made us sign a contract relieving him of any obligation whatsoever),
we bought Rambo!

He was a very quiet and friendly, 100% genuine, Yorkshire Terrier

I Loved him very much, even though I very often had to fight with him at 3 o'clock in the night about who is going to sleep on my bed.

When Rambo was about 10 years old, he managed to find a bitch who actually "sat" for him, and had a few kids.. Suprisingly enough, my father didn't give much of a fight when we brought one of Rambo's daughters home...

Her name is Baloo. She is a VERY naughty dog who used to hang around wherever her father was, always getting in his way. No picture of her is available yet (but then again, when I scan one, I'll have to change the design of these pages as well, or you won't be able to see her with all this black background...)

Baloo's Picture soon to come (hopefully)

Unfotunately, Rambo passed away in 2001, but not before matting once more. This time we could not keep any of the babys (can you imagine 3 dogs in a 3-bedroom flat?), and gave them away to friends. One of the kids, Bingo, lives close by so we get to see him quite often. He's a charm!

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